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Our very latest B2B lead gen updates – only the best bits, none of the fluff.

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Intent Data, Back to Basics ABM & B2B Non SaaS: ExitFive with Chris Rack

B2B Data Hasn’t Lived Up to the Hype – Here’s Why.

How to Use Intent Data in ABM Strategy: A Guide for B2B Marketers

What is B2B Content Syndication and Why It Should Be Part of Your Demand Generation Mix

Top 3 Challenges for Go to Market Teams in 2024

Introducing pharosIQ: B2Boring with Anna Eliot

Revving Up Creative Strategy & Channel Marketing: B2Boring with Matt Windham

A Marketing & Mental Health Mashup: B2Boring with Jodie Shapiro

Navigating Digital Marketing Beyond The Click: B2Boring with Adam Dolan

Data Privacy, Presence, and the Path to Purchase: B2Boring with Zsuzsanna Blau

Billboards and Beyond: B2Boring with Jonah Katz

Unveiling 'Business Need' - A New Era of Content Analysis

Marketing with Purpose & Precision: B2Boring with Danielle Bruce

Powering the Demand Gen Engine with the Right Fuel: B2Boring with Whitney Goldstein

Softball Swings & Demand Marketing Wins: B2Boring with Chris Mitchell

Celebrating the Season of Giving

Evolving Agency Landscape & AI's Impact in Marketing: B2Boring with Genesis Capunitan

Data Gives Us Direction: B2Boring with Amber Bogie

The Power of Role-Based Targeting in B2B Content Marketing

Surfs Up! Diving into Marketing Communities, ABM & Alignment: B2Boring with Brian Strauss

Boiler Room Sales Dude...No Thanks: B2Boring with DemandJen

Seasonal Shifts & Strategic Branding: B2Boring with Steve Armenti

Capturing Demand with Creativity: B2Boring with Michelle Liro

Finding Your Market Niche to Drive Demand: B2Boring with Javi Cano

B2B Content Marketing Strategy & Best Practices

Affiliates, Influencers, and Four Seconds of Finance: B2Boring with Darryl Praill

Account Intelligence to Harness Buying Signals

B2B Content Marketing Funnel

Predictive Intelligence to Fuel Your Content Strategy

B2B Email Marketing: Your Guide to Effective Email Outreach

Content Intelligence: The Secret to Personalized Messaging

Independent Research Firm Identifies MRP As A Strong Performer in B2B Intent Data Market

How LastPass Doubled Conversion Rates By Leveraging Intent-Based ABM Strategies

The Most Effective Account-Based Marketing Tactics

What is First-Party Data?

B2B Intent-Based Marketing for Better Results

The Complete Guide to B2B Intent Data in 2023

12 B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Work

How to Prepare for a Cookieless Future

How to Build a B2B MarTech Stack

Market Intelligence Tools for Today’s B2B Businesses

How to use Content Analytics

A Guide to Successful B2B Content Syndication

ABM Orchestration Best Practices - Q&A with Megan Creighton, Head of Digital Strategy at the Ricciardi Group

MQL vs. SQL: Similarities & Differences

Overcoming Digital Fatigue: How Conversational ABM Can Confront The Marketing Oversaturation Problem

MQL vs. SQL: What they are and how to use them

ServiceNow’s Heather Rath Named 2022 B2B Innovator by Demand Gen Report

Advancing ABM’s Role As A Sales Enabler

New Research Report: The B2B Buying Journey Is Not Linear

Create more engaging marketing software content

By Any Other Name: Focus On Orchestration, Not A New Buzzword, To Achieve ABM Success

How to Accelerate ABM Impact Within the Enterprise

MRP Named Leader In SPARK™ Matrix For ABM

Demand Generation vs. Lead Generation

Demand generation vs. lead generation

Guide to B2B Intent Marketing

What is intent marketing?

MRP Honored as Stevie® Award Winner in 2022 American Business Awards®

The Complete Guide to Intent Data in 2022

Getting the Most From Lead Generation Services

Getting the Most From B2B Lead Generation Services

Newest CONTENTgine "Top 5 In 15" Video Episode Unlocks Most Popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Content

Purchase Intent: Understanding Research Behaviors

Purchase Intent: Understanding Content Consumption

Applying Intelligence for Heightened Purchase Intent, Part 3: Understanding Research Behaviors

Purchase Intent: Understanding the Buying Committee

Data Science Improves ABM Performance

MRP Prelytix Named Best Enterprise Product of 2021

Intent Tactics and the Future of Bidstream

Intent Tactics in a Changing Landscape: Bidstream

Intent Tactics Without 3rd Party Cookies

Intent Data in the Hybrid Work Environment

New Research Reveals Roadmap to Account Based Marketing Success

State Of ABM 2021: COVID-19 Impact On Enterprise Marketers

It’s an ABM Hat-Trick for MRP!

MRP Prelytix Named “Best Overall Account Based Marketing Solution” For Third Consecutive Year

'Marketing Farsightedness' In B2B Content Syndication

'Marketing Farsightedness' In B2B Content Syndication

The Truth Behind The Hype Of Data-Driven Marketing

The Journey to Better Content Syndication

How to Use Data to Drive Human Connection with ABM

MRP Named Global ABM Leader 2021 by Independent Analyst Firm

Is the MQL still alive?

MRP Prelytix Named Top Enterprise Product for 2020

MRP Prelytix Clients SAP & Juniper Networks Awarded 2020 B2B Innovator Awards

MRP Recognized as a "Leader" in Account-Based Marketing

Predictive Analytics Boosts Effectiveness Of ABM With Channel Partner Programs

Intent Is Not Predictive: Intent Data Meets Predictive Scoring

Unified Account Intelligence Empowers Enterprise-Class B2B Marketers

MRP Prelytix recognized As Leading Enterprise Class Marketing Platform

MRP Prelytix Named “Best Overall ABM Solution” in 2019 MarTech Breakthrough Awards

MRP Named “Leader” in ABM by Leading European Analyst Firm Ovum

Account-Based Advertising Technology – The IP vs Cookie Debate (Part 2)

Account-Based Advertising Technology – The IP vs Cookie Debate (Part 1)

Rest assured, cold calling is NOT dead.

Pooling MDF From Multiple Vendors Helps Partners Make Bigger Splash

Why Managing MDF Strategies Is Increasingly Becoming A Resource Game

Closing The Channel Marketing Void To Enable Sales Growth

ABM: Not Just A Marketing Tactic, Rather A Customer Engagement Strategy

MRP Named A Leader Among Account-Based Marketing Providers

SAP and MRP Present: Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Align Marketing and Sales

MRP ranked a Strong Performer in Predictive Marketing Analytics | MRP