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From “Just Data” to Driving Conversions

In today’s competitive landscape, it’s no longer enough for marketers to simply know what their customers are looking for. To understand and capitalize on true buyer intentions, they need to go beyond relying on intent data alone. Conversions come about by sourcing and synthesizing multi-dimensional buying signals into a real-time contextualized view of buyer behavior. In fact, 58% of businesses struggle with integrating intent data into their existing systems seamlessly.

This is where account intelligence comes in, a powerful combination of data sources converging to provide marketers with a fuller picture of buying signals to focus on and invest in. With this approach, marketers can gain insights into the individuals within key buying centers at the accounts they should care about most. 

Defining Account Intelligence

First, let’s define what account intelligence is. Account intelligence is the use of next-gen intent data combined with predictive analytics to provide a more complete picture of an individual account and its buying trends. This type of data reveals previously unknown insights that can help marketers better understand how prospects interact with their brand and how they are likely to respond to marketing messages and offers. Marketers can use those insights to create personalized experiences that turn prospects into loyal customers.

The benefits for marketers are clear: without relying solely on intent data, they can gain visibility into customer accounts before a purchase takes place. This means they can create personalized experiences through targeted content tailored to individual accounts, based on their past buying patterns. They can also uncover hidden opportunities for cross-selling or up-selling by understanding which products and services are being used by which customers.

Target More Effectively and Improve ROI

Furthermore, using account intelligence helps marketers identify high-value accounts early on in the sales cycle, so they can focus their energy and resources where it matters most. With this kind of customer segmentation, marketing directors have the ability to track prospects from start to finish, allowing them to target their campaigns more effectively and improve ROI.

Go Beyond Traditional Intent Data

Account intelligence has tremendous potential for marketing directors who want to go beyond traditional intent data and explore new ways of gaining insights into their customers’ buying signals. By leveraging this approach, directors can gain a holistic view of an individual account’s behavior – both past and present – giving them greater visibility into who is buying what products or services from them. With this level of insight into customer behavior, marketers can optimize their campaigns in order to drive conversions and maximize ROI.

All in all, while traditional intent data offers valuable insights about customer interests and preferences, it’s merely the beginning when it comes to gaining visibility into customer buying signals and creating truly personalized experiences that drive conversions. To get the most out of your marketing efforts, you need a comprehensive approach that combines next-gen intent with predictive analytics – one that unlocks the value of account intelligence for your business.


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Aug 14, 2023 12:00:00 AM