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Everyone who consumes online content is different. That’s one of the core truths behind any effective marketing campaign. Users have different needs, objectives and attitudes when consuming content, and it’s important to have the tools to differentiate between those personas to understand who is likely to make a buying decision.

At CONTENTgine, our Intent Scores capture the range of these personas to help companies make better informed decisions about how they engage with those consuming their content. Armed with that information, marketers can craft more targeted and more effective marketing strategies.

Why it’s important to consider the whole buying committee

Critical buying decisions rarely come down to a single person. Instead, companies have buying committees consisting of numerous different stakeholders — each with their own preferences, needs and goals — who influence the final decision.

Senior executives might enlist the help of junior staffers to research the market for the products they need and boil that down to a shortlist of viable options. Those senior people themselves will have their hands in the mix too.

Strategy development teams will need to gather information about their competitors’ products to determine how best to maintain an edge (and which product will do it for them). Financial and legal teams will want to make sure any product under consideration is secure and compliant. And, perhaps most importantly, the people who will actually use the product want to make sure it actually fulfills their needs and can help them to do their jobs better.

Here are a few of the analytical insights that we use to help determine our Intent Scores:

Account concentration and contact seniority

Marketers learning that just a handful of people at a company are researching their product isn’t enough to make targeted marketing decisions. There needs to be a concentration of accounts within the same organization to demonstrate that there is institutional interest in their product from the buying committee, which signals a decision is likely forthcoming.

But it isn’t just about account concentration. Understanding the seniority level of the accounts researching the product is also key. For example, marketers might discover that several people at the same company are doing a substantial amount of research on their product. But if those accounts are primarily junior staffers with little or no buying power, it might not be indicative of true intent.

CONTENTgine’s formula takes all this into account, giving companies insights on not only how many people are doing research on their product, but also how senior (and therefore influential) those individuals are.

Contact and department level behavioral trends

Knowing that there are senior-level people within an organization researching the product isn’t quite enough because different people have different research habits. Some people do a substantial amount of research on a regular basis, maybe because they want to keep up with industry trends. An uptick in activity from those accounts is unlikely to be an indication of buyer intent.

However, there are many others who do research only when they’re about to make a buying decision. If marketers are able to identify those accounts, they can better gauge when certain personas are in buying mode and when it’s time to make contact.

CONTENTgine gives companies deep insights on these behavioral trends and habits to help them recognize when potential buyers are doing meaningful research that indicates an actual intention to purchase.

Partnering with CONTENTgine

Understanding potential buyers is critical to crafting effective marketing campaigns and meeting those buyers when they’re ready to make a purchase.

We use a comprehensive process of data collection to give companies critical audience, page and content information based on the type of content in our database that’s actually getting consumed. When companies partner with CONTENTgine, they get deeper, more actionable insights than any other content-syndication provider on the market is able to provide.


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Mar 9, 2022 12:00:00 AM