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Episode Description

Join Dave Gerhardt as he sits down with Chris Rack, CEO of pharosIQ, on this episode of the ExitFive podcast. Dive into their candid discussion about redefining the norms of B2B marketing, from revolutionizing kickoff events to mastering the use of intent data and navigating the challenges of a post-merger rebrand.

Key Highlights:
  • Redefining Kickoff Events: Chris shares his unique approach to transforming traditional "kickoff" events into "CSQ Live" — a platform that challenges the status quo and fosters deep strategic realignments and team bonding.
  • Innovating B2B Marketing with Intent Data: Explore how PharosIQ stands out by leveraging intent data to drive effective account-based marketing and lead generation, moving beyond traditional methods to offer more precise and actionable insights.
  • Navigating Post-Merger Rebranding: Chris discusses the strategic journey of rebranding PharosIQ following a merger, emphasizing the challenges and successes of aligning two corporate cultures and histories under a new brand identity.
  • Tactics and Future Vision: Gain insights into Chris's opinions of current B2B marketing tactics and his vision for a more streamlined, impactful approach that cuts through the noise of traditional strategies.
  • A Call for Innovation: Chris and Dave discuss the need for continuous innovation in B2B marketing, urging professionals to embrace change and rethink conventional tactics to achieve growth.

Tune in to gain valuable insights from two thought leaders reshaping the landscape of B2B marketing through innovative strategies and a focus on real, measurable impact.


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May 13, 2024 10:00:55 AM