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Episode Description

Join Jolie and Chris as they explore B2B marketing, the importance of mental health support in professional settings, and the evolving landscape of social media and generational differences. Their conversations weave through personal journeys, innovative marketing strategies, and the power of curiosity for growth.

Key Points:

  • Jolie's Professional Path: From director of growth at Caspian Studios to founding Mental, a mental health support community.
  • Caspian Studios' Offerings: A deep dive into the full-service podcast production for B2B brands.
  • Super Bowl Insights: Favorite commercials and a humorous take on social media's impact.
  • Intent Data in Marketing: The value of predictive analytics and privacy concerns in strategy execution.
  • Peer Research and Content Creation: The shift towards community-driven insights in B2B marketing.
  • Data-Driven Marketing Proposals: Strategies for securing buy-in and budget with compelling data.
  • Generational Impact: How different generations engage with marketing and social media.
  • Curiosity in Growth: Emphasizing curiosity as a driving force in personal and professional development.

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