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 MRP and Demand Metric primary research report reveals key differentiators between high and low performers and provides a data-driven roadmap to ABM maturity and revenue impact.

PHILADELPHIA — September 13, 2021 —  MRP Prelytix™, the only enterprise-class predictive ABM platform, today announced key findings from its new primary research study, The State of Account-Based Marketing Maturity. The in-depth study of more 1,275 marketers across four continents identifies an elite group (23%) of companies who report significant revenue impact from ABM and benchmarks the specific practices that set these leaders apart from their lower performing peers. The first-ever research goes beyond basic statistics on adoption and usage to provide a clear and nuanced view of current ABM practices, as well as 10 validated steps that marketers can adopt to achieve superior performance status.

“We found that 84% of companies who launch ABM report favorable revenue impact, but only a few have cracked the code to achieve significant increases to the bottom line,” said John Follett, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Success Officer for Demand Metric, which partnered with MRP on the study. “We dug deep into the data to quantify the stark differences in the approach of these high performers in each element of their ABM program. The result is an evidence-based roadmap for companies who are ready to take the next step on their ABM journey and earn more revenue and loyalty within months instead of years.”

The State of Account-Based Marketing Maturity: A B2B Marketer’s Guide To Sustainable Revenue Impact is available for immediate download. MRP and Demand Metric will provide additional analysis in an upcoming webinar at 15:00pm EDT on Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021. 

Top findings from the breakthrough study include:


For top performers, ABM is a team sport
For ABM leaders, collaboration goes well beyond handing off leads to sales. A mix of job roles and multiple teams across the organization are involved in ABM execution. 

  • The number of roles ABM leaders include in their initiatives is 36% higher, averaging 5.6 compared with 4.1 for those reporting unmeasured or negative ABM revenue impact. Among leaders, the variety of roles encompasses generalists such as ABM leads with specialists such as product marketers or business intelligence experts.
  • Fully 90% of ABM top performers report close, cross-functional collaboration between marketing and sales to create ABM strategy, compared with 65% of those reporting unmeasured or negative impact.
  • Two-thirds (66%) of top performers leverage multiple teams to execute ABM across an organization. In contrast, more than half (56%) of low performers rely on a single team.


Top performers differentiate on data – and data management 

ABM leaders wield more data from more sources more effectively than other companies.  Eight in 10 (80%) of top performers report 3 or more systems contribute data to ABM – and how they use and manage this data sets them apart.

  • High performers are twice as likely to use intent data and predictive analytics alongside their own CRM and MAP data,  to create account profiles. Fully 81% of top performers rely on this type of broad data set, compared with 40% of low performers, while 44% rely on institutional knowledge alone.
  • Fully 84% of ABM top performers say their tech stack is very or completely integrated, more than double the percentage (30%) of those with negative or unmeasured ABM impact.
  • More than 4 in 10 ABM leaders (41%) said they had full visibility into ABM programs campaigns being sent managed by other teams across their company, compared with just 7% of those who are realizing unmeasured or negative ABM impact.


Top performers match messages to needs – at greater scale 

Thanks to their sophisticated data management processes, ABM leaders orchestrate their programs are able to personalize messaging to a higher degree across more touchpoints. 

  • 84% of ABM leaders use three or more systems to deliver marketing messages, compared with 66% of companies with negative or unmeasured ABM results.
  • Nearly half of top performers, 46%, said their ABM systems automatically adjusted content to match viewers’ stage of engagement within the customer lifecycle, compared with just 11% of those reporting negative or unmeasured ABM impact who had those capabilities.


“The research proves that orchestration is the key to ABM success — from integrating data from multiple systems to create a harmonious customer profile to coordinating ABM execution across multiple teams,” said Jennifer Golden,  director of corporate marketing at MRP. “Leading companies have been able to break down silos, whether in their organizational charts or their tech stack, to create a holistic view of customers and serve them relevant information to help drive purchase decisions.”



MRP partnered with global research and advisory firm Demand Metric to complete an online survey of more than 1,275 marketing leaders, across four continents, and completed the questionnaire between April 8, 2021 and May 20, 2021. All of this study’s participants were from organizations whose primary focus was B2B, and 35 percent of them were in a vice-president or C-Suite role when they took the survey. Over half of the respondents were with companies of at least $150 million in annual revenue.  

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