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Episode Description

Chris Rack from the B2Boring podcast and Michelle Liro of Definitive Healthcare sit down to discuss B2B marketing. Straight from their playbook, here's what they chat about:
  • Unique Strategies: Have you ever heard of using a book launch as a marketing move? Or sparking interest with a Facebook Live competition? Michelle's been there, done that.
  • Healthcare Hurdles: The US healthcare market is a beast. Especially if you're trying to catch the eyes of giants like Pfizer, Michelle gives us a peek into that world.
  • Dollar Decisions: Budget constraints are a tightrope walk, especially when dealing with things like Google AdWords. Let's talk tips and tricks.
  • Demand Dance: How do you get folks to want what they don't even know they need yet? Michelle shares her two cents.
  • Economic Curveballs: Every purchase is under the microscope in today's economy. Both Michelle and Chris weigh in on navigating this challenge.


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Oct 6, 2023 6:52:00 AM