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Content is the cornerstone of marketing. It helps you answer your target audience’s questions, builds trust, develops long-lasting relationships, improves conversions, and influences buying decisions.

But not all content is created equal — what works for some customers won’t appeal to others. So, how can marketers use the right messaging for the right prospects? The answer lies in knowing who exactly to target, what to say, and how to optimize content to inspire action.

Let’s look closer at how to accomplish this type of messaging using content intelligence.

What Is Content Intelligence?

Take the guesswork out of content strategy using content intelligence systems and software that use machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to determine what messaging applies to each prospective client. The actionable insights learned from content intelligence can give you a detailed view of what content marketing topics and messaging points will resonate with professionals looking for solutions like yours.

For example, let’s say you receive content intelligence that informs you that a particular group of people is consuming research for ways to secure their organizations from cybersecurity risks like ransomware, better. With the knowledge of preventing ransomware attacks informing your messaging, you can send out follow-up content that provides proposed solutions to potential buyers’ challenges relating to this topic, thus being a helpful resource in moving them down the funnel and creating a positive customer experience. That’s the power of content intelligence software.

Content intelligence can help you:

  • Write messaging that addresses your audience’s challenges and desired outcomes.
  • Automate part of the content creation process with artificial intelligence insights, saving time and energy for other parts of your marketing team’s procedures.
  • Predict your content’s performance based on the audience’s data.
  • Create customer communications specifically designed to improve the customer experience.

The Importance of Content Intelligence for Optimized Messaging

There’s a lot of B2B content available to people, making it difficult to get the attention of the right buyers. That’s why optimized and targeted messaging is so critical for successful digital marketing efforts. Because content marketing is used to reach prospective customers, you’re constantly trying to communicate with people you don’t know or understand — and they may not be aware of your company or what it has to offer, either.

As organizations continue to spend more time and resources on creating relevant content, many aren’t seeing the results they were hoping for. The problem is, quantity doesn’t equal quality when it comes to messaging. A company that consistently produces large numbers of content isn’t guaranteed success. Rather than continuing to promote ineffective content, marketers must know what pieces will fill in knowledge gaps and build the customer journey.

Optimized content is all about getting to know your target audience: what their goals are, what they’re challenged by, and what problems they’re attempting to solve. With quality content intelligence tools at your disposal, you can gain actionable insights into your target audience’s desires. When you know what types of questions they’re asking or what topics they’re consuming and researching, you can better send them great content that will deliver exactly what they need. This pushes them to engage with your company and potentially make a purchase or complete a specific call to action.

Tips for Finding the Best Content Intelligence

Here are a few important elements that great content intelligence should provide:

Transparent Data

Unfortunately, most purchase intent providers don’t know or share anything about the content being consumed apart from web page keywords. Knowing exactly what content is consumed by prospects is critical.

Precise Information Collection

In line with transparent data, the information given to a content marketer should also be detailed and pinpoint exactly who the researcher is — including their company and position title. You’ve likely heard the phrase, “The more information the better.” Well, these facts will only assist you as you write content specifically for that person.

Content Heavy

What better way to learn about your target audience than to know what pieces they’re reading for their own research? The ideal content intelligence looks at multiple engagements within a software and technology category that educates prospects and understands the challenges they’re trying to solve. This gives marketers full content clarity and straightforward first-party data.

Know Who To Target and What To Say

Because understanding what is consumed is extremely vital for reaching the right people with the correct message in your digital marketing efforts, partner with a content intelligence provider that will always deliver.


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Jun 1, 2023 12:00:00 AM