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Episode Description

Join Chris and Dani as they break down what's actually working in marketing right now. From using school lessons to help businesses make a difference to the real deal on brands standing up for what's right and how to not get lost in the noise on social media. They'll also share stories about AI in their own business and a clever marketing campaign that got people talking.

Key Points:
  • Everify's Approach: They create educational content that helps businesses teach important topics while promoting their brand.
  • Genuine Brand Involvement: It's not just about taking a stand on issues; it's about being involved and making a real difference.
  • Smart Social Media & Targeted Marketing: Understanding your audience isn't just a buzzword—it's about making sure your message is heard by the people who need to hear it.
  • AI in Practice: Chris and Dani are figuring out how to use AI for more than just buzz—it's about making jobs easier and improving customer experience.
  • A Campaign to Remember: Dani recounts a creative campaign that got attention by breaking the usual marketing mold and what made it resonate with people.

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