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Episode Description

In this episode, Chris and Genesis explore significant changes in the agency world and the rise of AI in marketing. They discuss the consolidation of agencies and the challenges it brings, the transformative role of AI in enhancing agency productivity, and the evolving relationship between branding and demand generation.

Key Highlights:

  • Agency Consolidation: Exploring the cultural and process challenges in the agency world.
  • AI in Marketing: Discussing generative AI's role in creativity and productivity, not as a job replacer.
  • Branding vs. Demand Generation: Balancing long-term brand equity with immediate sales goals.
  • Brand Exposure: Its critical role in lead generation and the importance of engaging campaigns.
  • Bluebeam's Innovation: A case study on time-saving and error-prevention in software marketing.
  • AI's Future Role: Predicting significant transformational changes in business due to AI.


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Dec 14, 2023 7:36:00 AM