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Episode Description

Join Chris Rack, CEO of MRP, and Steve Armenti, Head of Demand Generation at Google, as they unpack B2B marketing. In this episode, they navigate through personal and professional seasonal changes, sharing how these transitions mirror shifts in marketing strategies.

Listen in as Chris and Steve discuss the power of personal branding, with a spotlight on LinkedIn’s role in boosting professional visibility and networking. They also delve into the synergy between sales and marketing teams, emphasizing the need for collaboration and effective communication for successful campaigns.

From exploring misconceptions about account-based marketing (ABM) to sharing valuable lessons from campaign experiences and discussing various social media platforms' impact on professional branding, this episode is packed with practical insights and stories from the forefront of B2B marketing. Tune in for a blend of personal anecdotes and expert advice from industry leaders!


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Oct 13, 2023 6:51:00 AM