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Ever wondered what’s going on in your prospects’ heads? You’re not alone. Marketers all over the world are attempting to give their target audience exactly what they want, but without the proper guiding information to do so — until now. Introducing predictive intelligence, a futuristic-sounding term that’s changing the way advertisers do their jobs.

Marketers are using this artificial intelligence-driven technology to cater to their customers’ needs based on their activity and behavior.

But, what exactly is it? We’re answering that question as we look closely at machine learning’s benefits, how predictive intelligence works for marketers, and how you can implement it to boost your content strategy. Let’s jump in.

What Is Predictive Intelligence?

Predictive intelligence is a method of creating a unique customer experience depending on each individual’s preferences. Marketers can utilize this information to build profiles for each customer to determine what the person is most likely to want or require next.

For example, if a buyer purchases a marketing automation tool, then an intelligence tool could detect this pattern and use the data to suggest other marketing tools like a social media scheduler. Marketers can take these vital insights and become more familiar with their customers, offering them a more personalized and helpful shopping experience.

What’s more, people have grown accustomed to this type of brand interaction and expect it from the places they shop at. According to IBM Institute for Business Value, buyers want fast and efficient services and anticipate companies will deliver what they need, when they need it.

But, marketers aren’t mind readers — they need assistance with collecting the right type of information to lead them in the correct direction. This is where predictive models set advertisers apart from the competition. Rather than doing their best guesswork, predictive intelligence gives marketers data analytics focused on what their leads are reading and buying, providing industry professionals with real-time insight for better decision-making.

The Benefits of Using Machine Learning

Marketers used to manually score leads to establish which stage of the buyer’s journey prospects were in. With predictive intelligence tools, they can now use artificial intelligence (AI) to better place customers in the sales funnel using their past purchases for reference.

Big data continues to evolve, making it difficult to wade through thousands of data sets. Machine learning (ML) assists with this process by using a system to read large amounts of data to look for patterns and then adjust their program based on new intelligence. This AI method for marketing can help industry professionals deliver more personalized content and improve their communication with consumers.

Understand Your Target Audience

Like any relationship, the more you know about someone, the better you’ll understand them. This sentiment also rings true for your target audience because you should have a connection with them. Employing a machine learning solution to monitor what your customers are reading and shopping for will give you a window into who they are, what’s important to them, and how your product or service can help them.

Personalize the Customer Experience

We’ve already established that your customers want to be uniquely served by brands and receive customized care. Without machine learning, marketers are limited in their ability to deliver. But, with it, they can use the information about their customers to personalize each prospect’s experience and exceed their specific needs. Every person does research and buys in a different way, and knowing how to meet your customers on their journey will help them to feel heard and, ultimately, increase sales.

Improve Audience Segmentation

With the help of machine learning, companies can automate customer segmentation to better sell to these groups based on their shared characteristics. This can also assist with identifying target audiences that may be lacking in engagement or finding completely unreached groups of potential customers.

Show Customers the Next Best Asset

Your target audience often has to go through gargantuan amounts of content to find the intelligence they’re looking for. This is a big waste of their time and can lead to frustration. To help them avoid this, use predictive intelligence to provide them with the next best asset for them to read or purchase based on what they’ve already consumed. Keep your customers happy and be a helpful resource.

How Predictive Intelligence Data Boosts Your Content Strategy

Content is an extremely important part of the buyer’s journey, and predictive intelligence gives marketers the information necessary to tailor their content marketing strategy to fit each of their prospect’s needs and preferences. A predictive intelligence platform uses prospect data analytics to deliver insights into the subjects, messaging tones, and content types that people in your audience respond well to.

People are often looking for information that will assist with a certain business need or trouble that they’re experiencing. One of the main benefits of predictive intelligence is enabling you and your marketing team to better understand these problems by collecting data on their consumed content. Without this insight, marketers may be at a loss when trying to solve difficulties.

Marketing is all about being relevant to your audience. Your customers will quickly become uninterested in what you’re selling if you’re constantly sending content that doesn’t pertain to their unique situations. By utilizing smart, predictive analytics, you can build your content strategy surrounding the topics, assets, and information to uniquely deliver beneficial solutions to your prospects.

By implementing predictive intelligence into your content strategy process, you’ll gain insight into:

  • What your audience wants to read.
  • Concerns consumers may have with your product or service.
  • Questions they may have that you must answer.

Marketers who use knowledge gained from predictive intelligence will be empowered to make better decisions. This is key for success in all areas of business, not just content. As content is the foundation for marketing efforts, having a more informed content strategy will allow advertisers to flourish in every other aspect of their marketing campaigns.


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Implementing Predictive Intelligence

To have a clear vision of your target audience’s intent, you need a predictive intelligence tool that will provide a full view of your reader’s data as well as what problems they’re attempting to solve. While there are many intelligence platforms available to people, not all offer the same level of content clarity and first-party data that you need to make a positive impact on your content advertising efforts.


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