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As of late, the way some get attention is to write something declaring the death of the cold call and suggesting that it has been replaced by <INSERT LATEST TREND>, with some posting what is essentially the same tired messaging every week. While the nature of the cold call has changed, any B2B marketer worth their salt can attest that such calls remain all too alive. In fact, the only death we’d like to declare is with the term “cold calling”. In today’s market savvy salespeople are making smart prospecting calls, calling on those accounts who they know have an active interest in realizing the revenue potential of a product or solution.

If you’re calling without context, then you’re wasting your own time as well.

While purchasing lists of target accounts remains a common tactic for sales functions who want to move rapidly before organic lead generation, spamming these lists with numerous cold outreaches really isn’t going to cut it. Account-based marketing is an impactful strategy to generate leads and reduce resources spent on unqualified leads. However, an effective ABM strategy requires targeted collaboration from both marketing and sales teams that goes beyond traditional cold outreach tactics.

Further integration of technology in the marketplace has created higher consumer expectations, posing a challenge for brands, as well as a great opportunity. The influence of artificially intelligent marketing on achieving communication at scale, combined with a not before seen level of customization, means we are increasingly able to tailor campaigns to consumer intent that is relevant to their stage in the buyer journey. It enables salespeople to prioritize and customize their sales calls based on that engagement.

Smarter outbound engagement strategies

The convergence of AI and machine learning with marketing tactics has been proven to enable both smarter customer engagement and better results. Advances within account-based marketing software that combine personalized marketing and sales efforts, based on propensity to buy, can open doors and deepen engagement at specific accounts.  Utilizing machine learning algorithms that combine buying intent signals and pre-purchase research patterns with past practices and behaviors, offering a complete view of long-term buyer intent. Not only will this assist your outbound calling strategy, you’ll be able to see what worked, what didn’t, and what needs improvement. Your outreach gets smarter with every sales cycle.

Bottom line: Be wary of blanket black and white statements about methodology

Sales is as much an art as a science, and there are no rules in art. Therefore, be wary of the same tired narratives. Bottom line, the most effective way to engage with target accounts is to address their needs and stage of buying journey.  Integrating the power of real-time streaming predictive analytics directly into your outbound calling strategy, delivers more leads that your sales team will find actionable and of value.

MRP Next Generation Inside Sales is your always on, evergreen engine for target account buyer engagement. In this environment, we assign dedicated reps who act as an outsourced component to your ABM program or business development representatives. MRP Prelytix and Next Generation Inside Sales bring together two of the most powerful tools necessary to ensure the most important accounts, showing the strongest level of interest, do not fall through the cracks. Applying AI and machine learning techniques, our platform dynamically identifies the calling queue for each rep based upon the contactability of each target account buyer. We leave nothing to guesswork.


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Feb 27, 2019 12:00:00 AM